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Project: Many Muses Vol. 2 CD recording
Project Artist: Austin McMahon (drummer/composer)
Project Timeframe: April 2010 - Fall/Spring 2011
Project Members : Carmen Staaf: piano, Kendall Eddy: bass, Alec Speigelman: Clarinet/woodwinds, Austin McMahon: drums

A few words from the artist on the essence of recording: A work of art, once finished, will remain the same forever. A painting may fade from exposure to light but the object cannot change. A book may acquire dog-ears to its pages but cannot have words added or removed once printed. Music is not typically preserved in such a manner until we enter the recording studio. There, we have the time and tools to chisel away at excess and present music as a solid unchangeable object. Yet, the process of capturing and preserving music is a delicate matter. It requires attention to detail in a vastly different way than in a live performance, which I find to be a challenging and rewarding process. Recorded music is a composer's most permanent work of art.

With this second recording as a leader, I offer the listener insight to my emotions, my history and my joy and reverence for life through original melodies...

If you would like to make a contribution to this project, please read below to determine the amount that suits your budget and interest level. Then, simply click on the Donate button (above and to the right) and enter that amount via credit card or PayPal.

Many Muses Vol. 2 CD recording suggested donation amounts and benefits (also open for suggestions):

Fan status
-$15: preorder of Geography CD* or digital download code (shipped on the date of arrival)
-$30: preorder of Geography CD* + copy of Austin's debut CD Many Muses
-$50: both CDs and PDF liner notes and artist process

-$100: all above + commemorative autographed poster
-$250-$500: all above + recognition on the CD as a contributor

Hero status
-$500-$1,000: all above + recognition on the CD as a producer
-$1,000 or more: all above + free entrance to Geography concerts, and life-long gratitude!

*a limited number of physical copies of the CD will be produced - while supplies last!

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to make a donation* for:

Austin McMahon
Many Muses Vol. 2 CD Recording

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Thank you so much for your support!

*your donation goes directly towards covering the expenses of production and distribution of this recording as well as the artist's endeavors now and in the future.

Video interviews and demos of the music for
Many Muses Vol. 2
coming soon!

Live appearance @ Ryle's Jazz Club
Cambridge, MA - Tuesday, April 6, 2010 @ 8PM



many muses

many muses


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